The Way Ahead with Drop Wireless

Advanced solutions that harness the power of myriad technologies, maximizing the potential of data-driven network and providing measurable value to the people who use it

IoT Gamification

Drop’s IoT platform integrates game mechanics and elements to enhance user engagement, motivation, and overall user experience. It combines the principles of gamification with IoT technology to create interactive and immersive experiences.

Remote & Individualized Medical Care

As an end-to-end platform built on multiple protocols, Drop’s architecture enables broad improvements in the accessibility and applicability of high-quality health care. From increased opportunities for real-time care in developing communities to enhanced personal health monitoring, Drop’s network of trackers, transmitters, and nodes supports capabilities like:

Shared Advertising

Customize your messages and deliver them globally, at your preferred time, using secure peer-to-peer transactions. Earn incentives, distribute profits, and elevate your brand.

4G LTE & 5G NR Expansion

Drop’s multi-layer, fully integrated ecosystem is ideal for cost-effective private CBRS network deployment with real-time data analytics. Operating in the 3.5 GHz spectrum band, CBRS delivers higher speeds, lower latencies, and greater reliability for cellular activity than previous technology through features like:

Smart Parking

Drop’s smart parking platform facilitates new opportunities in the sharing economy. LoRaWAN wireless connectivity provides real-time monitoring capabilities for tracking parking occupancy, while Drop’s self-sustaining ecosystem allows all transactions to occur securely and transparently within the Drop’s blockchain.

Other features include:


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