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Indoor wireless station with multiple protocols created to enhance communication, storage, and computing capabilities at the network’s edge.


Outdoor wireless station, designed for rugged environments, incorporates intelligent processing and supports multiple protocols. It is specifically engineered to withstand harsh conditions and offers enhanced communication capabilities, including LoRa, WiFi, cellular, and Ethernet connectivity.

T1 + Docking Station

T1 and Docking Station Package Ultimate portable combo package, comprising both the tracker and the docking station. This complete set offers: •Unmatched portability for your convenience. •The perfect combination of the tracker and docking station in a single package. •When purchased together, you can enjoy a $10 discount, saving you money while obtaining the complete set.


A wireless and waterproof location tracking device with 6-axis motion sensing that expands use cases for connecting devices and services. Collects, aggregates, and secures data for critical event detection using blockchain and LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, & GNSS protocols.

Docking Station

Compact wireless powerbank designed for portability •A 3050 mAh battery for extended usage •USB-C connector for convenient input power •Pass-thru charging capability, enabling simultaneous charging of both the tracker and the battery •USB-A port to power external devices •4-LED battery indicator, providing clear visibility of the remaining power •Auto-timeoff functionality, conserving battery power when not in use for charging purposes