Drop Wireless, NextEPC To Reshape The Future Of Cellular Connectivity And Bridge The Digital Divide

Drop Wireless, a trailblazer company specializing in decentralized physical infrastructure development, is thrilled to announce its partnership with NextEPC, a cellular core network development and private 5G network solution expert.

This collaboration will redefine and expand the cellular communications landscape, bridge the digital divide, and drive groundbreaking advancements in network infrastructure with a vision to provide decentralized 5G connectivity worldwide, including areas completely marginalized or underserved by centralized providers.

Drop Wireless and NextEPC will explore innovative technologies, enhance network scalability, and develop groundbreaking solutions that will reshape the future of cellular communications. By joining forces, Drop Wireless and NextEPC will unlock a wide range of compelling opportunities, including digital twins, AR gamification, IoT sensor monitoring, and pervasive edge computing.